Latin America and the Caribbean

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WSBI is present in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) with 14 member institutions from 12 countries. WSBI maintains close institutional relationships and cooperates with development banks, governments, regulators, microfinance networks and institutions, as well as like-minded banking organisations.

WSBI members in the LAC region are diverse but share a social commitment and proximity to their clients, which are characteristic of WSBI members worldwide. They are savings banks, community banks, socially committed retail banks and mutual institutions.

WSBI's Latin American & Caribbean Regional Group (GRULAC) meets on an annual basis to discuss issues relevant to the region’s banking and financial sector. Mr. Armando Rosales, President of Sistema Fedecrédito, El Salvador, is the President of the Group (2009-2012).

For an overview of the discussions at the 2011 regional group meeting in Peru, click here.

WSBI supports the members from Latin America and Caribbean in addressing the following critical topics, among others:

  • Analyzing the developments on supervision and capital adequacy
  • Increase of outreach through new technologies
  • Developing the remittances markets
  • Fostering the microfinance offer


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