Postal Savings Institutions

In recognition of the specificities of postal savings institutions among the savings banks’ community, the WSBI established the Postal Savings Banks Forum (PSBF) to provide these members with the opportunity to take a more active role in the WSBI working agenda.

More than one third of WSBI members are postal savings institutions. They not only share the fundamental values of the savings banks’ sector, but also have in common the provision of retail financial services through post office networks. Postal savings institutions often have specific and important economic and social functions.

The reform of the postal sector has been engaged in a number of countries, with a view to optimize the use of the network and to strengthen the efficiency and quality of the services offered to the public. WSBI supports its members going through this process and works with interested stakeholders (UPU, African Union) to foster postal savings institutions’ potential for financial inclusion.

For more information on the WSBI Roadmap for Postal Financial Services and Development click here (English Version -  Version Française ).

The PSBF serves as a platform for promoting experiences and best practices, creating networking opportunities and developing possibilities of cooperation between its members. The PSBF convenes annually.

For more information about the focus and outcome of the 2011 WSBI Postal Savings Banks Forum dedicated to "Competitive postal financial services key to improving financial inclusion", click here (english version).

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