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[16 05 2012]

At the conclusion of the 23rd WSBI Congress in Marrakech, the 113 WSBI members implemented a shared vision to advance financial access. This entails offering quality products and services to integrate a maximum number of households in the formal banking system. WSBI members will strive to offer a basic, entry-level product at a fair price to unbanked and low-income groups, and fair, affordable, convenient and cost-effective services.
Innovation will be key to succeed. WSBI members will review their product offer to ensure that it includes a simple, user-friendly product focused on the specific needs of the most vulnerable customers. They will develop alternative customer points of contact to facilitate banking service accessibility and convenience, especially for unserved and remote groups, through banking beyond branches solutions and innovative partnership models. They will participate in financial education initiatives that are clearly distinct from product marketing or promotion, both to provide basic knowledge about money and to empower customers. And they will explore technological solutions to expand access to finance.
In his closing address, WSBI Managing Director Chris De Noose called upon stakeholders, policy-makers and regulators to support its global financial inclusion vision by designing comprehensive strategies to achieve inclusive financial sectors at the national and regional levels, as part of a long-term plan for poverty alleviation and social cohesion.

The WSBI vision on financial inclusion is enshrined in the Marrakech declaration, that can be downloaded on

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