WSBI Members

WSBI is an international retail banking association that brings together 108 banks and associations from 83 countries. WSBI has members in Asia, the Americas, Europe and Africa.

WSBI members are regulated, competitive and efficient savings and socially committed retail banks or associations of such institutions. They do not form one uniform block and a ‘proto-type’ savings or socially committed retail bank does not exist. Rather the savings banks’ universe itself is very diverse. This diversity reflects differences not only in the evolution of the banks themselves, but also in the underlying economic and political conditions in national markets. However, their business approach and values do constitute a strong common denominator.

Their values make up the strongest common link between WSBI members. The banks and institutions which make up WSBI stand for socially responsible banking that brings a return to society. At the same time they are efficiently operated, competitive institutions. They are committed to the “3 R’s” of banking:

  • Retail: their main market focus is on individuals, SMEs and/or local authorities.
  • Regional: they provide access to financial services through a broad network of outlets and act as proximity bankers.
  • Responsible: they demonstrate responsibility both in their business approach and towards the society in which they operate. For more information on the responsible business approach of our members, please refer to the section on Corporate Social Responsibility.

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