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 n° 65 Financial inclusion in Spain: a comparative stud among banks, savings banks and cooperative banks 
 n° 63 200 Years of Savings banks A stong and lasting business model for responsible, regional retail banking
 n° 62Access to Finance and Corporate Governance 
Full text (English only) - Summary (English version) - Summary (French version) - Summary (Spanish version)
 n° 61Bank dependency during SMEs' International expansion
 n° 60Islamic Banking and Finance - Insight on possibilities for Europe
Executive summary in English, French and Spanish
 n° 59Beyond microcredit: the role of savings banks in microfinance - Experiences from Latin America, Africa and Asia  
Executive summary in  English, French and Spanish
 n° 58Balanced structural policy: German savings banks from a regional economic perspective
 n° 57

Measuring the social dividend in WSBI members'activities: revealing the hidden elements 
Executive summary in  English, French and Spanish

 n° 56Who are the clients of savings banks?
 n° 55European savings banks: from social commitment to corporate social responsibility (9th European Symposium on Savings Banks History)  
 n° 54Varieties within capitalism? The modernisation of French and Italian savings banks,1980-2000
 n° 53Best of WSBI member trainings on savings mobilisation: ten years of sharing innovations in the savings market
 n° 52Savings banks and the double bottom-line - A profitable and accessible model finance
 n° 51Savings banks: A dynamic strategy based on a strong identity 8th European Symposium on Savings banks history - 13-14 May 2006
 n° 50Microcredit in Europe: The experience of the savings banks link
 n° 49Access to finance - What does it mean and how do savings banks foster access

Previous Perspectives – Not available in electronic format 

n° 48 The legal environment of savings banks in Europe
n° 47

The provision of microfinance services by savings banks - Selected experiences from Africa, Asia and Latin America (October 2004)

n° 46Access to Finance Conference Proceedings - Co-organised by the WSBI and the World Bank (28-29 October 2004)
n° 45The Russian banking sector and the leading role of Sberbank
n° 44The future organisation of financial regulation and supervision in the European Union - Position of the European Savings Banks Group
n° 43The reform of postal savings systems in the West African Monetary Union
n° 42Savings banks between state and market. 7th European symposium on savings banks history
n° 4119th World Congress of savings banks
n° 40The future of retail banking in Europe: the Fortis view
n° 39The challenges of retail banking in Asian Countries
n° 38Implementation of Directive 95/46/EC on personal data protection - Impact on the European savings banks
n° 37A strong support for the regions - A German experience
n° 36Moving towards efficiency: A study of the postal savings banks of Kenya and Tanzania
n° 35Implementation of the Money Laundering Directive by the European savings banks (special edition in GB/D/F)
n° 34Trends and developments in retail banking in Europe
n° 33The reform of the French savings banks
n° 32Savings banks law in Central Europe
n° 31The Euro a challenge for the municipalities and their businesses
n° 30A vision for the future of International cooperation
n° 27The law of savings banks and their central institutions
n° 26WSBI Activity Report - 1996
n° 25Decentralised banking structure: an anchor of stability for the financial system?
n° 24SMEs : Good Practice of the savings banks
n° 23Moving money in Europe
n° 22The German and the French savings banks and the construction of Europe
n° 21Savings and development - An example in the Ivory Coast
n° 20The legal practice of the savings banks
n° 19The euro, legal aspects (2)
n° 18The 18th World Congress of the savings banks (2 volumes)
n° 17The euro: Advice for business
n° 16WSBI Activity Report
n° 15The role of savings banks in transition economies
n° 14The savings banks and SME : an effective partnership
n°13The savings banks of Europe and the prevention of money laundering
n° 12The euro, legal aspects
n° 11The identity of savings banks in Europe, the Spanish viewpoint
n° 10Virtual Banking: A challenge for the savings banks too
n° 9Bilateral co-operation of savings banks in Europe
n° 8Money, consumers and savings banks
n° 7A monetary union for the Europe of regions
n° 6Support to SMEs in Europe: EURO-SOFAC’s contribution
n° 5New ways for the provision of local public services in Europe (not available)
n° 4Savings banks span the global economy
n° 3The European savings banks and the Monetary Union
n° 2The organisation of the World Savings Banks Institute
n° 1The role of the savings banks in the economy

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