WSBI is an international not-for-profit banking association, registered and located in Belgium. The organisation is governed by two bodies, the General Assembly and the Board of Directors. The General Assembly is the supreme authority of the Institute. It consists of all WSBI Members and meets once a year. The Board of Directors defines the general policy and meets at least twice a year.


The Institute operates a Brussels-based shared secretariat with ESBG (European Savings Banks Group). A small team, headed by Managing Director, Mr. Chris De Noose, carries out the daily management of the organisations. A Coordination Committee ensures smooth coordination between the members of the ESBG and the members of the WSBI, on the one hand, and the shared secretariat, on the other hand.


The regional outreach of WSBI is supported by three regional groups (Latin America and Caribbean, African and Asia/Pacific).

The activities of  WSBI benefit from the advice of nine operating committees, which cover topics ranging from legislation to banking technology and cooperation. Each committee comprises specialists, which are nominated by WSBI members, according to the specific needs or interests of their institutions. Finally, when the need arises, special taskforces and dedicated networks are established.


WSBI Board of Directors

WSBI President and Chairman of the Board

Heinrich Haasis
Deutscher Sparkassen- und Giroverband e.V., Germany

Vice Presidents

Anas Alami
Caisse de Dépôt et de Gestion (CDG), Morocco

Camden Fine
Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA), USA

Isidro Faine
Confederacion Espanola de Cajas de Ahorros (CECA), Spain

Mr. Maryono
BTN, Indonesia

Michel Sorbier
Fédération Nationale des Caisses d'Epargne, France

Vice-President & Treasurer

Macario Armando Rosales Rosa
Fedecrédito, El Salvador

Managing Director

Chris De Noose
WSBI-ESBG Managing Director

WSBI Groups

The Africa Regional Group

Mr. Alfred Mabika Mouyama
CEO, La Poste Gabonaise

The Asia & Pacific Regional Group

Mr. Adinan Maning
CEO of Bank Simpanan Nasional, Malaysia

The Latin America & Carribbean Regional Group

Mr. Jorge Estefan
Director General, Bansefi, Mexico

Postal Savings Banks Forum

Managing Director

Chris De Noose 

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