International Business Cooperation

The willingness to cooperate across borders has been the cornerstone of the international savings banks movement since the first international association was set up almost a century ago.  This tradition of business cooperation has manifested itself in various forms and contexts over the intervening decades. The recognition that a strategy of alliance was the most appropriate, efficient and cost effective means for a group of mainly local and regional savings and retail banks to meet the challenges arising from the completion of the European financial area in 1992, promoted the members of ESBG to subscribe to the European Savings Banks Cooperation Charter in 1990.

International Business Cooperation has been endorsed as a strategic priority for both ESBG and WSBI for the 21st century. Renewed efforts are in the making to capitalise on the local strengths, similar business approach and global outreach represented by the some 6, 000 savings and retail banks with 163,000 outlets spanning four continents that make up WSBI/ESBG. The objective is to create a truly global alliance that can meet the personal and business needs of their customers in their day to day lives and business, both at home and abroad.

Some recent initiatives include


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