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While much of WSBI’s research is contained in issues of “Perspectives” we also consistently publish additional material on savings banks, retail banking, and international finance.
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Savings Account Programme Working Papers:

Examples of financial education programmes (july 2011)

Microfinance services by savings banks in Africa. The sleeping giants have started moving, but where are they going?

Overview of microfinance in Asia/Pacific and selected experiences from WSBI members

Microfinance in Latin America - The leadership of WSBI members (English version ) (Spanish version)

Who are the clients of savings banks?

Migrant Remittances Unlocking hidden potential

Savings Banks socially responsible activities, a wealth of experience

 Insights from WSBI Members in Africa, Asia and the Americas” (September 2007)

Examples of WSBI members’ initiatives in the field of financial education”. (October 2007)

Access to Finance, Measuring the Contribution of Savings Banks
Stephen Peachey and Alan Roe, Oxford Policy Manage 
September 2005

Extract of publication  

Access to Finance, a study for the World Savings Banks Institute
Stephen Peachey and Alan Roe, Oxford Policy Manage October 2004

Extract of publication

A WSBI roadmap for postal reform 

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