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As one of the largest organisations in the world representing savings and retail banks, WSBI frequently publishes a wide variety of publications. This includes original research and statistical analysis of savings and retail banking trends throughout the world, as well as our quarterly and monthly updates on what is happening in the world of retail and savings banking. A list of the types of publications are listed here:

News and views cover april 2009

Our quarterly newsletter (available in English on the web-site and French, German, Spanish and Italian upon request) is entitled “News & Views”

New edition of News & Views - Edition December 2012

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Our primary publication oriented towards research is our series “Perspectives”. This series contains research on a number of different topics.

Perspectives N° 65:

Financial inclusion in Spain: a comparative stud among banks, savings banks and cooperative banks NEW!

Perspectives No. 63

200 Years of Savings banks - A stong and lasting business model for responsible, regional retail banking    

Perspectives No. 62

Corporate governance and access to finance

Complete version (English only) - Summary (English version) - Summary (French version) - Summary (Spanish version)

Perspectives No. 61

Bank dependency during SMEs' International expansion

Perspectives No. 60

Islamic Banking and Finance - Insight on possibilities for Europe. View a full text or the executive summary inEnglish,FrenchandSpanish

Perspectives No. 59

Beyond Microcredit: The role of savings banks in microfinance - Experiences from Latin America, Africa and Asia. View afull text or the executive summary in  English,FrenchandSpanish

Perspectives No. 58

Balanced structural policy: German savings banks from a regional economic perspective

Perspectives No. 57

“Measuring the social dividend in WSBI members’ activities – revealing the hidden elements” is the new ground breaking study published by WSBI. It gives a fuller picture of the value savings and socially committed retail banks create for society as whole.  This study’s main conclusion is that WSBI members are sustainable financial actors able to supply credit, notably to SMEs, in good and bad economic cycles. View  the  full text or the executive summary in  English, French and Spanish

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WSBI World Congress

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 We also publish additional research documents that can be interesting for those interested in retail banking.

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Finally, our research and advocacy team frequently compiles position papers on issues which affect our members, customers of retail/savings banks, and the general economy.

The “Marrakech declaration ” adopted at the 2012 WSBI World Congress
An account for everyone  (English  -French -GermanSpanish  version)

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