Introducing WSBI

WSBI (World Savings and Retail Banking Institute) is the global representative of savings and retail banking. WSBI represents savings and socially committed retail banks or associations thereof in 90 countries. WSBI works closely with international financial institutions and represents its members’ interests at an international level.

WSBI’s Mission:

The mission of WSBI is to influence the standing, development and strength of all member institutions, so that they are perceived both domestically and internationally as proficient, efficient and responsible banking institutions.

WSBI’s Activities:

The main areas of activities of WSBI are:

  • Institutional Relations – developing and intensifying the dialogue with national, regional and international institutions (such as the IMF, World Bank, CGAP, UEMOA, etc.) with a view towards promoting WSBI member banks' model as a unique tool with a proven track record for sustainable development.
  • Business Platform – capitalizing on the strengths of the international network of savings and socially committed retail banks to create a truly global alliance that can meet the personal and business needs of their customers in their day to day lives and business, both at home and abroad.
  • Training and Consultancy - with the purpose of transferring knowledge and experience to retail banks and banking sectors worldwide.


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