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Information exchange platform

The EU/US Retail Banking Forum is a WSBI/ESBG initiative which was launched at the occasion of the WSBI/ESBG conference entitled “First EU/US Retail Banking Forum Conference”, in Brussels on the 14th and 15th of November 2005.

Very much the first of its kind, the EU/US Retail Banking Forum is open to professionals in the fields of retail banking and financial regulation from all related backgrounds (policy-makers, bankers, advisers, regulators, academics etc.), working in the EU or the US.
The aim of the Forum, which represents a platform for the exchange of views, knowledge and opinion, is to promote a better understanding of the systems of retail banking and financial regulation of each market. In so doing, it is hoped that the Forum will contribute usefully to policy-setting in the field of financial regulation.

 Yearly conferences

Conferences relating to gatherings of the Forum will be organised and hosted by the WSBI/ESBG every year hence, the location alternating between Brussels and Washington.

Stay informed

To stay informed of further developments, please send an e-mail with your details to 


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