Upcoming events

WSBI and ESBG have regular events for their members and interested people from outside the membership including:

• Regional meetings in Latin America, East Africa, West Africa, Asia, and Europe. These are organised to facilitate communication amongst WSBI and ESBG members.
• Issue focused meetings such as conferences related to retail banking, the annual Postal Savings Banks Forum, meetings related to remittances, events for the broader financial services community, etc.
• Trainings and workshops. If you have an event you would like WSBI/ESBG to be a part of, contact us at dirk.smet@savings-banks.com or malou.doumen@savings-banks.com.

In addition to various events held around the world, every three years, WSBI organises its World Congress to bring together members and other global stakeholders. For more on the World Congresses, click here.

Below are some upcoming events

Other Events
[ 30 11 2013 - 20 12 2014 ]
Online executive Master in responsible banking
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